Exhibitions & Features


Piermont Flywheel Gallery

Participated in a Juried Group Exhibition in February 2017.

Wunderkind Magazine

Wunderkind Magazine is an annual arts publication that features the work of artists under the age of twenty-five years old. 

Wunderkind aims to shed light on the young and upcoming generation of the new masters – featuring works by artists in painting, drawing, sculpture, print media, graphic design, photography, fashion, installation, and more and an in-depth look into each of their practices. Wunderkind is reaches viewers of all ages, in hopes to inspire the works of future and past generations. 

Inspyr Art

Inspyr Art is a community of artists coming together, sharing their work, and motivating one another to create. Each artist contributes an original piece of art in a medium of their choice. Upon acceptance, he or she  will be sent the work of another artist, created in a different medium (Visual art is sent to musicians and music is sent to visual artists). The artists then use the material they've received as inspiration to create a new, original piece of their own.